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Umpqua Valley Audubon Society

Connecting people with nature to inspire protection of our natural world


             The Umpqua Valley Audubon Society welcomes birders and nature enthusiasts to occasional field trips, programs, birding classes and other activities that encourage enjoyment, appreciation and protection of the beautiful valleys of the Umpqua.

             Umpqua Valley Audubon Society is a chapter of the National Audubon Society serving central and coastal Douglas County, Oregon.  For 100 years, Audubon has protected birds, wildlife and their habitats for the benefit of all life.  Among National Audubon’s priorities are:  saving the most important places for birds; combating climate change and mitigating its impacts; building bird-friendly communities and cities; protecting or seas and shores; and collaborating with foresters, rangers, farmers, and other landowners to make working lands work for birds.

Upcoming Events and Field Trips (color coded)

· Roseburg Swift Watch - Fridays – beginning September 5th and continuing the rest of September!

Location:  Fir Grove section of Stewart Park behind the Umpqua Valley Arts Center off of Harvard Avenue


             September 5 & 12:  6:30pm until sunset

             September 19 & 26:  6:00pm until sunset


Umpqua Valley Audubon Society members will be available Friday evenings to serve as interpretive naturalists, with information and brochures about Vaux’s Swifts as well as more general information about birding and our natural world.  Local Artists will be leading art activities for kids, free of charge. Children ages 5 and up; minors must be supervised by an adult.   In addition, throughout September, Audubon members will be participating in a West Coast wide data collection effort. We know swifts have lost much of their natural habitat and the number of chimneys available for roosting and nesting is also on the decline.  Little is known about even the most basic habits of Vaux’s Swifts, to say nothing of how many there actually are.  Working in conjunction with our partners up and down the west coast, we hope to fill in some of the data gaps.


· Birder's meeting—Sept 23  7PM, Mercy Ed Rm 3, 5414963847


· UVAS Board Meeting—Thursday, September 25th, 5:15-6:30

Mark Hamm’s office.  For more information, contact any of the Board Members.


· Get the Rap on Raptors – September 27th

On Saturday September 27 join UVAS for a field trip to the Cascades Raptor Center (CRC) near Eugene with an optional follow-on visit to King Estate Winery.  We have arranged for a “Walk on the Wild Side” 1-hour program and tour of the Raptor Center, with the option of then going to King Estate for a short guided walk and presentation on the use of CRC-released raptors in the vineyard.  King Estate is a 1,033 acre certified organic property.

 A reservation to UVAS is required to allow CRC to provide us with the right number of volunteer guides.  The CRC fee for the program, payable at the entrance is $5/child, $10

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Click here to join Audubon and the Umpqua Valley Audubon Society.  Please select our Chapter code (T56) on the drop-down menu on the form!  If the hyperlink doesn’t work (the “web goddess” for this website is a novice), please send an e-mail to info@umpquaaudubon.org, and we’ll e-mail you the membership link.

Umpqua Birds website launched!  This website has information on birds and birding in the Umpqua River Basin, Douglas County, Oregon. This new website already has useful information such as a downloadable chart of seasonal occurrence of birds in central Douglas County, links to eBird sightings, and links to site guides for Douglas County, and will have much more over the coming months. Check it out and enjoy birds and birding in Douglas County!  www.umpquabirds.org

UVAS leadership:

President—Diana Wales

Secretary—Kathy Vejtasa

Treasurer—Linda Smith

Board Member/Conservation Chair—Stan Vejtasa

Board Member/Past President—Mark Hamm

Board Member—Beth Brown

Board Member—Bill Fuller


Newsletter—Barbara Taylor

Birders Group—Ron Maertz

Young Birders’ Club—Beth Brown




To contact us:

P.O. Box 381

Roseburg, Oregon 97470


E-mail: info@umqpuaaudubon.org

We’d like to add you to our e-mail list. 


If you’d like to receive e-mail notices of upcoming events, please send your name and e-mail address to:  info@umpquaaudubon.org



Learn  more about your favorite avian visitors with Audubon's online bird ID guide, covering over 800 North American species. Explore descriptions, photos, range maps and bird songs at http://birds.audubon.org/birdid.