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Umpqua Valley Audubon Society

Raptor Run Review 2017


On Saturday, January 28th, nine people joined Elva and Dale Paulson for a funfilled day of scoping raptors and sharing the love of the outdoors!  It started slow at Ford's pond when fog only illuminated 1 Red-tailed hawk, but sightings increased as the day progressed. The cold temperatures and lack of wind kept the birds perched or only flying short distances. The majority of the birds were best seen through scopes, other than the Red-shouldered hawk at Plat I who flew back and forth between a thick, low  tree branch and the grass where he was snatching up earthworms! From Plat I we drove along N. Bank Rd, stopping at the North Bank Management area for lunch and finishing off in Glide. 


Here is the list of what we saw: (Dale was relieved that we were not skunked as he and Elva had been the day before!)

9 Bald eagles (1 juvenile)

6 Red-tailed hawks

1 Cooper's hawk

1 Red-shouldered hawk

1 American kestral

1 Peregrine falcon.


Thank you Dale and Elva!  It was enjoyable spending the day with such an enthusiatic and appreciative group. 


Stacy Burleigh

Umpqua Valley Audubon